So, recently out of a job..A friend mentioned survey sites, were you can earn quick money. I looked at the sites and I was not happy. For two hours of word association, I made $2.10. You read correct. I still waiting to get paid. I started to look again and I found acouple of ok sites. They paid .10c, $1.00. During one of the profile updates I came across VINDALE RESEARCH. My screen started to glow, birds were chripping, and sweet music started to play. I found the pefect site.

It is easy to sign up. No hidden gimmericks. You know he ones that tell you to sign up and earn $10.00. Then when you do, you have to registar with the next 15 sites. Are you kidding me? That is too much junk emails. If your like me and hate all of the offers that come along those other survey sites. Then click LINK, to start earning quick, easy money.

You can earn extra money by entering the contests. Here are some contests for October.

Get started!
Just pick a contest:

Win easy money! Compete in our Twitter and Facebook contests every week.

Getting paid is EASY. You cash out of your account on the 15th & the last day of the month. I cashed out my account on a Thursday. I received it in my paypal account on Monday. Then I transfered the money to my bank account. All this in a matter of less than 1 week. AWESOME!!

I can’t forget the most important detail that makes Vindale Research the best.


The money you will earn for completing the survey’s depends on you. The more survey’s, the more money you earn. Here is some more potential earnings for you.

Survey 8595 – Skin Treatment Product Evaluation You earn
Survey 8984 – Halloween Costume Evaluation You earn

So, take a minute and look over the Vindale Community. Share your stories, meet other Vindale members..

Let me know your what you think, once your signed up.


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