Sitting at the round table. LET’S TALK!

So, everyone has their on view on issues. Some may have a valid point. While others might not. But, we must be open to everyone’s opinion. As I was reading comments regarding Vindale research and how some offers require credit cards, while others do not. Yes, some people do not have credit cards or they are on a budget. Believe me I understand. As looked in my survey folder and browes over the offers. I open all of them and decide, weather or not I can complete the offer and what are the requirments. Then, I decide which one do I need at the moment. Do I really need children DVD’s? Well, the answer is no. My children are grown, but I do have younger children in the family. So, I think Christmas or birthday presents. Awesome. But, for the now. I can use cooks books. I completed the BOM club & Doubleday.
So, for I am looking in the future at some of offers. My wedding anniversary is coming. I will complete the gift cataloge offer. I don’t see I down side to the offers, only the positive.


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