So, our economy sucks in RI. Yes, we all know that the  unemployment rate is HIGH. Trying to find a job is harder than a 90-year-old man trying to ride a bike. At least, the man will attempt to ride and succeed after a couple of times. You apply for job after job. Go to every job fair within 50 miles. Spread your resume across the internet. Apply for jobs that you know you are totally qualified to do. Subject yourself to countless questions during the application process. All you get in return is a thank you but no thank you letter. The email states “We feel that you would be an asset to a company but not ours.” I have over 15+ years in the customer service field. I am applying for a basic receptionist position. Who can’t answer a phone, direct the caller to the right department, take messages, prepare packages for pick-up, and deliver the mail, with a smile…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!

Why don’t they tell you the real reason you are not qualified for the position..They are not going to pay you what you are worth…They rather pay a person with less experience at the rate of $8.00 ph., than a person with excellent work experience at a pay rate of $11.00 ph. They rather spend hours and time training someone who may not be trainable. Wasting money and another employees time to watch over the new inexperience employee. This kills moral in the office because the person who has to train is working double or triple. They have their work and now the slow  NON-trainable employee. The trainer is now short-tempered and just hates to see the morning, because they know that he/she is still not unDERstanding the routine after 2 days of training.

So, I keep on plugging the dead job market. I will keep in mind….The love & support of my family..



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4 Responses to THIS IS WHY!!!

  1. Aronka Lindner says:

    so true.

  2. Kay M. says:

    I have to agree with your reasoning. I have to say I am a little (LITTLE) offended by your opinion of receptionists though. I was a ‘receptionist’ for many, many years. It’s honestly alot more than smiling pretty, prepping packages and answering phones. There are many people who cannot pull off a receptionist job. It’s a ‘people’ job. I’m not saying that’s why you didnt get the job, I am just saying receptionists deserve more respect and kudos than they get…because most people believe the same way you do. Receptionists must be quick thinkers, perfect customer service reps, and able to make a fantastic cup of coffee, and I could go on with the list for hours.
    Oh, and I live in Texas. You think it’s hard to find a job in RI, you should come here. I am not a racist (because I know that is going to be the first thing many will say). I just think jobs should not go to an illegal alien because you can pay them 1/3 what you would anyone else. It’s better for the economy to hire natives. The money will not be going back to a foreign country where it’s worth more than their own currency. Sorry. Didnt mean to push you off your soap box…I’ll go find my own….

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