New & Old Friends

Let me start off by saying HOWDY! Lol. The reason why I am in a good mood. Well, I spoke to a couple of my old friends from school. They was asking me about the survey site I use. So, I told them about Vindale and how easy it is to earn quick money. They had some reservations regarding the company. I try anything once, but if I like it. I will tell everyone. No, I am not a big mouth, but i like to share the wealth.

So, the three friend’s that I spoke to yesterday have not opened a Vindale account yet. But, I will continue to spreading the good word about Vindale. LOL. What is a cool thing about Vindale on Facebook & Twitter. I have met new friends, by answering their questions. The new member asks questions regarding payment to finding surveys that don’t require CC’s. When I first started, I would ask members questions and no one would  reply. That wasn’t cool. So, everyday I look on Vindale’s Facebook & twitter to see if anyone has any questions. So, far I answered 5 members questions and in turn made new friends. I made friends with members in Montana, Canada, Colorado, California. Those are places I have never been. So, now it’s my turn to ask them questions, that isn’t work related. related? How cute. 🙂

I can honestly say that Vindale Research has given me the opportunity to earn money and meet new friends.

Thank you Vindale.


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5 Responses to New & Old Friends

  1. Michelle says:

    Love your blog. Keep me updated. I like the music you picked. The gieco commerical is the funniest. Thanks

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  3. Jordan says:

    Wow! what a great opportunity to make some extra money while watching TV! I love it! I had a few friends sign up through me and I made some extra money. I think it’s $5 a person, so I got $35 extra!! You should include your link so that people who read this can sign up through you and you can get $5 a person!

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