It’s Been Awhile…

So, a little update..I am still doing Vindale Research..Still a awesome place to make extra cash. I am now into Twitter contests. It is so addictive. I wake up doing contest and Retweeting. I enter everything from t-shirts, toys, stickers, food…but i don’t WIN!!

My question to all? How do we win? I guess i can’t sleep in order to WIN. Give me some tips…


About tjpina1

Hello...I am a person who likes to share my thoughts and things i enjoy. I hope you like what i publish. I don't have a set idea on what i put on my blog because it's going to be a little of everything. Local business, Sweepstakes, My Giveaways, Freebie's, and whatever. I hope you enjoy my page. Follow me on your favorite page.. Have a great day or night..
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