As I took some time off from amateur blogging. I discovered many sites, were you can get free stuff. I have received so much, over the past two years. I never thought I would hate opening mail..I have two big boxes of free items, such as Glass Stein from Jack Daniels, 20 T-Shirts, Waterless Remote Controls (awesome), Sterling Necklace, Coloring Books, Stickers, Toys, etc..,
I did stumble onto two cool sites. The first one is Yovia. Very awesome site to earn extra cash and get free stuff. I have been with this site for 1year. I have earned a lot of money. You don’t have to make purchases. All you go is like a sponsors page.. That’s it.. And u get paid each month. The money I earn goes directly into my Paypal account, every 11th of the month..If, you have any issues they resolved very quickly…I have met very nice people on this site. If a new opportunity is put up on the site. Other Yovian’s, post that there is money to made…lol we have conversations thought the day, which is cool. Take a second a check it out.. Tell them heather piña sent you.. I don’t get paid for referrals. I like to share the wealth..
The other site is Listia. This a good site to get rid of those items, in your home that is collecting dust.
Now, the items are paid by using credits that you earn. Once you sign up, you are given credits to start off. Now, you browse by categories or search for a item you have been wanting. Now, you bid on items using your credits. Some people offer free shipping and some ask for shipping cost. I always offer free shipping. Another way to earn credits, sell items. I have sold makeup, brand new clothe, gift cards. The credits from selling items, I purchased real sterling jewerly, brand new watches. I love this site!!! Take a second and check it out..

Thanks for stopping bye…


About tjpina1

Hello...I am a person who likes to share my thoughts and things i enjoy. I hope you like what i publish. I don't have a set idea on what i put on my blog because it's going to be a little of everything. Local business, Sweepstakes, My Giveaways, Freebie's, and whatever. I hope you enjoy my page. Follow me on your favorite page.. Have a great day or night..
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